My name is Marc Mangano. I purchase used cameras and related accessories at fair market value. What is fair market value? There are two major bluebooks in the camera industry. One is primarily for collectors and one is for late model equipment. I use both and filter their prices through twenty-five years of experience in the photo industry. I am in the Los Angeles area. Prices here may be more or less than you could expect where you are. If I offer more take the money and run. If I offer less than you expected please don't get mad; just realize that market forces as I see them are different than you see. Please also know that I resell these items at a profit (hopefully) and guarantee what I sell, so you will probably be able to sell it yourself for more if you're willing to wait and go through the trouble of having people show up at your door. This is probably true for anyone who purchases your camera for resale.

All offers require inspection of the camera. You pay the shipping to me and if you don't like my offer I send the camera back via United Parcel or a similar service with the postage collect. If you want to save the C.O.D charge then send the return postage along with the camera. If you accept my offer I return your payment for shipping or add the amount to the check I send you. (Or, if you have a commercial account with a shipping firm, send the shipper ID and I'll use your account.)

Okay, so you're sending your camera to a stranger over the internet. How do you know that you'll get it back? I mean, who is this guy, anyway?

I was general manager of Pan Pacific Camera in Hollywood until embezzlement put the store into bankruptcy. At this point in time I guess you can say that I am The Ghost of Pan Pacific, and if circumstances allow it I shall resurrect the name again. I am well known in the field in the southern California area and please believe that I can make a lot more in the long term by running a legitimate business than I can by stealing one or two cameras.

To find out if I am interested in what you want to sell please E-mail me with a list. Make the description as detailed as you think necessary including an estimated condition on a scale of 1-10, 10 being absolutely like just out of the box mint and scaling down based on percent of finish still on the camera.

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