Personalized Astrology Services

A computer is a wonderful thing. It allows me to offer you a chance to see what's influencing your life at a far lower cost than I charge for in-person readings.

I do not use the same programs as most others offering similar services. I've tried a lot of programs and I find the accuracy of what I offer to be better than many of the programs more commonly used. I also have the option of editing the computer's output so if I see something I don't agree with or I think needs amplification I change it. Some interpretations I have rewritten entirely. Not all programs offer that flexibility.

I offer the following computerized services:

NATAL CHART AND ANALYSIS - What you were born with, what tools you have to work with; how you face the world and how the world sees you.

YEARLY EVENTS FORECAST AND ANALYSIS - what is causing the changes and opportunities and, yes, the problems in your day to day life. Forecasts cover at least one calendar year.

COUPLES COMPATIBILITY CHART AND ANALYSIS - includes relationship (how you work together as a unit) and synastry (how you relate to each other). Find out the potential trouble spots in your relationship and what you can do to avoid the problem.

The price is $35.00 each. If you order two or more they are $25.00 each. This includes postage. If you would like the chart E-mailed subtract an additional $5.00 each. ($30.00/$20.00) E-mail for more information.

If you are in the Southern California area I also offer computer Astrology and live or computer Tarot readings for parties and fund-raisers. Fees and services vary, so E-mail for details.

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