View From the Front
Heart of the Forest Faire 2002
Photos taken at Santa Barbara Faire by a member of
The Guild of Saint Cuthbert
so these will emphasize my Guild family. I'm up
by the front gate most of the day, but there
is a lot more here than just that.
These slide shows use limited resolution files to make
downloading faster. They will not print well.
If you would like to have a full resolution
file e-mailed to you please contact me at
Please limit your e-mail requests to one or two files. If you
want more contact me and arrangements can be made.
Listed by weekend:
First Weekend
Saturday Second Weekend
Sunday Second Weekend
Saturday Third Weekend
Sunday Third Week
I would like to extend a sincere "Thank you" to Chuck Gould, founder of Chili Graphics (, for the truly remarkable digital alchemy of his successful recovery of the Saturday Second Weekend files. Without his efforts the photos of that day would not exist.