For those who know this is (was) a very famous landmark. For those who don't this was the only real marker in a long stretch of nothing. It indicated the turn-off to the side road leading to the infamous "Area 51," a highly secret part of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Some people say we are testing alien technology there and others say it's just a good place to test our newest aircraft without people watching. Believe me without the mailbox you'd be clueless as to where to turn. That's me on the right and, in happier times, my late wife on the left. I've lost the chin hair since then.

As I understand it this mailbox is in a museum somewhere; now replaced with a WHITE mailbox. In the not too distant future I intend to go back there and photograph this new landmark. Then, through the wonder of Photoshop, I'll update this shot; since I can't reshoot it without Kaye. I guess I'll never stop missing her.

I'd like to thank Steve Medlin and everybody at the Medlin Ranch for putting up with this silliness. He is either a very patient man (bordering on saint) or fools like me have just worn him down. Either way he is appreciated. Need a web site design, Steve? On the house?

I'd also like to thank the people at the Little A-Lie-Inn in Rachel, Nevada, for keeping a VERY nice place in spite of being essentially the only game in town. I've paid a lot more to sleep in BAD rooms. Bless you all.