Basic Numerology - A Tutorial

By: JJ

It is truly easy to discover which numbers are important in your life. You simply need to know your name, your birth date, and a few basic Numerological techniques.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a number. The table below is your guide for knowing which letters go with which numbers. This table will be used to analyze our name and discover it's numerological meaning.


1: A - J - S

2: B - K - T

3: C - L - U

4: D - M - V

5: E - N - W

6: F - O - X

7: G - P - Y

8: H - Q - Z

9: I - R


I will use my name as an example, however I will not use it correctly. Numerological analysis of your name requires that you use the name entered on your birth certificate. In this example I will simply use 'Jan Jarrell'.

Our first step is to note which numbers are active in our name. In a numerological sense Jan Jarrell would be written as 115 1199533 since those are the numbers reflected by the letters in my name.



1 1 5 1 1 9 9 5 3 3


The next step is to add these numbers together, adding the first, middle, and last names separately.

1+1+5= 7

The rule in Numerology is that any number higher than 10 gets reduced until we end up with a number between 1 and 9. We reduce numbers by adding their digits together. For example, reducing the 31 in my last name gives me a total of 4 (3+1). My first name total is 7 and my last name total is 4. We add these together to get an 11 (7+4) and reduce that to a 2! There's my final name total! You would do the exact same thing for the name which appears on your birth certificate.

The total final digit for your total name is called the Expression number. Briefly, the Expression number signifies your Spiritual lessons, and overall purpose in this lifetime. Thus my Spiritual lessons and life purpose in this lifetime would revolve around the meanings reflected in the number TWO!

Further analysis of the name reveals more detailed meanings. Adding together all the vowels in your name and reducing to final number gives the Heart number. The Heart number signifies those things we will desire to do or Be. The ways we will seek inner harmony, peace, and creativity.

The vowels in Jan Jarrell, A - A - E, add up to 7. This would be the Heart number for my name.

Adding together the consonants in your name and reducing reveals the Personality number. This number represents our outer self, the way we present ourselves to others, and how others tend to see us.

The consonants in Jan Jarrell, J - N- J - R - R - L - L, add up to 31; which is reduced to a 4. This would be the Personality number in my name.

Adding the numbers in our birth date and reducing gives us our Destiny number. This number reveals our talents and abilities. It reflects our natural gifts and as such is a source of power and high energy.

My birth date is 2-10-1944. The 2 doesn't need reducing, the 10 reduces to a 1, and the 1944 reduces to an 18 which is further reduced to 9 (1+8). Thus my reduced birth date numbers would be 2-1-9. Adding them together gives 12 which reduces to 3 (1+2). Three is my Destiny number!

With these powerful, personal numbers in hand, we can study the meanings of the individual numbers which are strong in our life and gain a sense of direction, understanding, and purpose.

These methods and definitions are simplistic. Numerology offers many more detailed techniques for name and birth date analysis. I encourage you to find a good Numerology book and explore this fascinating subject in depth.


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