What is numerology? Why ARE numbers meaningful anyway? Just try to ignore them and you'll find out why in a hurry. Imagine going through life without your handy-dandy list of phone numbers, or your address, or your credit card numbers. (Heaven forbid!) Think about it. People, in this country in particular, who do not have scads of numbers around which their day-to-day life revolve may have just a bit of a problem. Bank account numbers, social security numbers... well, you get my meaning.

Numbers deal in a very non-abstract way with every facet of living. You simply CANNOT have 1 of something AND 2 of it at the same time. There aren't many "howevers" connected with numbers. They just ARE. Consider this: Any time you have a thing, you HAVE to have a certain number of same. 1 husband or wife, 2 cars, 3 kids, 4 TVs. When these numbers change, it means a change in your life and in you.

Looking at numbers as they relate to the study of numerology, there's something of the same feeling. You are born with a certain set of prominent numbers and, to a large extent, the qualities they represent will always remain part of you, at least in this lifetime.

We live, however, in a universe which is in perpetual motion. Change is the universal constant, and so there comes to each of us the many experiences, circumstances and lessons through which we grow on a soul level. This growth causes our basic set of birth-numbers to vibrate, fluctuate, progress. We deal with them on different levels of consciousness and we live t kind of alterations in their basic birth pattern.

Looking at the basic meaning of each number will begin a process of understanding whose ultimate goal is an understanding of ourselves and those we share our lives with.


ONE . . .

...is the loneliest number.

True! One is the loneliest number. To have one of something, anything, is a scary thing. If it gets taken away or somehow goes away, we have NONE! No backups with the 1. We are down to bare minimum.

Look at any Numerology text and the keywords for the One fly at you like sparks from a fire: Aggressive, courageous, independent, leader, the pioneer, the beginner. WOW !

Think on it for a moment. Wouldn't you put on a brave show too if you had ONE of something and believed for all the world that there weren't any more to replace it with if it disappeared? Ones think like that. They are originals and the mold is long gone.

Fire is the element here. The fire of creation blasts from them like a star going nova. Ones don't want a quiet, passive existence. They approach life like a troop of marines, cheerfully assuming that the rest of us will have enough sense to get out of the way. They absolutely believe that no one has ever done what they are doing, and quite probably never will again. They approach each life experience with the excited wonder of a child. Each day is a new beginning, each experience a new adventure. They can exasperate us, irritate us, and drive us loony tunes, but without their lust for new experiences and directions we would still be eating out meals with stone knives and forks. One is the number of self-will in action. Being free to do as they please is very high on the One's priority list, and they usually consider any attempt to get in their way as tantamount to a declaration of war. Self confident? You better believe it! Amazingly so.


This self confidence, so helpful in many areas of life, can create no end of problems in others. Relationships, where compromise is essential, can suffer from an overdose of the One's fire. Ones must learn balance and sharing. Once they do, they are able, as no other is, to cherish, encourage, and inspire others. They learn that real self confidence makes no demands on others.

It is the life goal of the 1 to make new beginnings, and in doing so to open new pathways of thought, feeling and experience for all of us.



...can be as bad as one.

Imagine! You are a One wandering happily along, totally unaware that there is anyone else on the planet but yourself when, all of a sudden, you come face-to-face with another One!

Shock! ! Surprise! One is suddenly Two! Keywords for two don't shoot at you. They sort of float: Adaptable, tactful, a follower, seeker of harmony, and ever and always indecisive.

Poor Two. Sounds sort of boring compared to the One. Actually not. Two is just two Ones who have come face to face and decided that life might be easier together. It just can't be "ME! GIMME MINE!" anymore. If it is just you, you don't have to adapt or compromise. You are the only one you have to worry about and, since you are totally oblivious that there is anyone else around most of the time, you don't much worry about any effect the things you do might chance to have.

Two is different. We're now dealing with the mental element of air. Two knows that everything we do, even thinking a certain way, will have its eventual effect. They tend to focus a bit more on effect and a bit less on cause. Indecisive? Maybe. Two is very aware that for everything there is its opposite.

Twos may try a little too hard not to upset anyone, preferring harmony to chaos as they do. They tend to get indecisive only when taking a definite action will create an effect which could harm or hurt another. They don't tend to think that they are always right as the One often does. In fact, they don't tend to think that ANYONE is always right. There are always Two sides to consider and that's the Two's job: to consider both sides of any question.

In relationships they may disallow their own needs in favor of the needs of others. This may start out as a very pleasing thing to someone in a relationship with a Two, but in fact, it is only a smoke screen. It is the insecure Two who spends their life forever letting their needs go unmet.

Balance and harmony begin within, and the two will learn eventually that in order to maintain an inner balance they must consider their needs as valuable as anyone else's.

Twos are here to teach inner balance, harmony, and the ability to combine opposing ideas through compromise.



...get free with Three!

One and Two have made their peace. One goes around stirring things and people up with its new ideas and new beginnings. Two scoots along behind One repairing hurt feelings and blending all into harmony. Between them they create quite a nice little life condition. Then enters Three, who looks things over and says: "Hey! This is pretty neat! Let's have some fun!" Let's look at Three's keywords: Expansive, outgoing, lucky, fun loving, entertaining. One thrives on self-will. Two thrives on compromise and harmony. Three thrives on enjoying what One and Two have accomplished. Enjoying it and, perhaps more importantly, expanding it. Once again we are captured by the element of Fire. Three goes on faith. Its outgoing and optimistic attitude has its roots in a strong faith in the future. Three is said to be the number of the entertainer, and who would need faith more? Stepping out in front of a stadium full of people and offering yourself and your talent to be accepted or rejected requires tremendous faith. Luck is just another way of saying faith. Three knows that luck is created with attitude and expectations. Three doesn't care what happened yesterday. Tomorrow is where they want to be and where their minds usually dwell. Three teaches us to take what we have and expand it beyond what we thought was possible. Three teaches faith in tomorrow and pleasure in the now.



...heaven's sake!

Well...the universe is expanding! One and Two have made new beginnings and balanced them out. Three has come along and, through faith, expanded and given meaning to what One and Two have started. Here comes Four!

Look at these Keywords: Builder, giver of order, stable, grounded. Whew! No sparks here. This is the element of Earth. Four looks around. "Hmmmm," it says. "Lots of growth here but no structure. This will never do" Structure Four wants, and structure he will get. "Build something!," Four says. "Don't just have all these bright, expansive ideas! Do something practical with them."

Four has little patience with ideas which have no practical use in the world of reality. It is a number that wants a structure of rules, regulations and laws built around every concept. An overdose of Four would have us walk a very narrow path from which we would dare not stray. An underdose of Four brings chaos.

There IS an order to the universe, and laws which govern life on this planet. Four enforces these laws or at least

makes us very aware of their existence. Example: Gravity is a reality on this planet. Now, as any of you who have ever been on an airplane know, you can escape the law of gravity for a while. You cannot, however, escape it forever and remain alive. Sooner or later you must return to Earth and replenish your supply of the things from the earth that you need in order to survive. Good old Four. Earth. We have to take him along. Them's the rules, folks. Four is here to build solid structures from the ideas and ideals of others. Four is here to make things real and practical.



...is alive!

Ask Five about Four. Five will giggle and roll its eyes. "Boooring, Five will say. Structure? Five is here to break it down! Keywords: Change, freedom, intellect, communication, breakdown of established structures.

Five is bored. Four has built too many structures and made way too many rules. For the Five rules were made for one reason only and Five is just the number to do it! Five has a reputation as an unstable number. We deal again with the element of air which is intellectual and mental. Whatever structures or laws have been made, Five has a way of finding the weak points and blasting away for all it is worth.

Five wants freedom not limits and commitment. Five wants new experiences and new ideas and new people, not the same old traditional stuff. Five, in other words, is full of mischief and ready to blow old thinking right out the window. Five really does not mean to be unstable. It's just that too much stability can lead to lack of growth. Too much reliance on old ways of thinking can prevent us from reaching new heights.

Five teaches that the safe harbors of the Four must sometimes be left behind in favor of risky new experiences which help us grow.



...take a break!

For the first time, we dive into the element of water. Keywords: Emotional, sensitive, family responsibilities, compassion. Sort of flow over you, don't they? Good old Six. The Five has blown down structures and broken laws. It has had little use for limiting relationships or exclusive commitments. Six is horrified! Six is a caring number. We get in touch with our feelings under the Six. It's not just me and you. All of a sudden, it's us. The Six is tribal, communal and family oriented. It cares what happens to others and is willing to go a long way in order to heal and understand those it loves.

Six will fix you herb tea, rub your back, offer you a place to stay and make you all cozy. Gad, someone find me a Six! Quick!

Six wants to teach us that we are stronger together than we would be alone. They care for family, both personal and universal, because they know it is the only way that THEY will stay safe. They are natural healers and quick to get into service-oriented professions. Counseling is a natural for them. They are usually very intuitive about what people are all about inside and quick to empathize with what they are feeling. Six only runs into problems when it does SO much for those it loves that they forget how to do for themselves. Emotional bonds to others is life sustaining. Total dependence on others is life draining. Six has to teach us all how to care for each other. Six also has to learn how to let go and let others care for themselves.



...I'm, in heaven.

We band together in a tribe or a commune or a country or a family under the Six. We break away and walk our own path when Seven comes along. Keywords: Spiritual, reclusive, intellectual, the mystic, the prophet. It's not that Seven doesn't care about others. It does, in the most spiritual sense. It's just that Seven can't think what to DO about ail the things which threaten humanity while it is drowning in the feelings and problems of individual humans.

Seven wants us to grow spiritually not just emotionally or financially. Seven wants us to go within for a minute and just THINK about what our lives MEAN. I mean the BIG picture! Seven wants a lot.

It is not a number that wants to get to know you personally. It doesn't want to meet the kids or do a backyard picnic. Seven wants to be left alone to analyze what is WRONG with this planet on a soul level, and what can be done about it. Seven can be pretty heavy. Being around it at times can be like spending an afternoon living out a soap opera.

Seven has a lot to teach us but at times you can find yourself wishing it would just, for Pete's Sake, lighten up! We need the philosophical insights of the Seven. We need the analytical commitment to finding the answers to planetary problems, and we need the reminders that spiritual growth is where it is really at. Seven can teach us all of that. If you can ever convince it to come down from its ivory tower and share with us.

Come on, Seven..



...is never enough!

The Keywords for the Eight read like an ad to fill a stock broker position: responsible, powerful, financial and business sense, authority and (the ever popular) KARMA!

Eight is not here to mess around. Leave that to those lower numbers with nothing better to do. Get the job done! Make some money! Make some MORE money! Invest the money you made to make some MORE money! ! !

Do you have a sneaky suspicion that the element of Earth might be involved here? You bet. Four has NOTHING on our hyper-responsible Eight. Ambitious and possessing the good business judgment to achieve what it desires, the Eight sets out to rule the world. It should come as no surprise to you that Eight is the number of government, big business, executives and other assorted people in positions of power (real or assumed) .

The good ole Karma enters the picture when Eight gets a little carried away. The use of power and authority in a responsible and just fashion gets a big OKAY from the universe. I mean, SOMEONE has to be the boss, get things organized, and keep them that way until the job is done. That noble and time-consuming occupation is a LONG way removed from abusing others from your high and mighty position. If you use your power and authority in a way which deprives others of the right to choose their own path, you are begging for a big Cosmic punch in the nose!

Eight teaches us about the proper use of power, and what can happen to us if we abuse same. Important lessons for those in leadership positions, either in government or in a family.



...Nine. End of the line!

Well, that's it! All numbers reduce down to digits from One to Nine so this is the final stop. Nine's Keywords: Sacrifice, spiritual, endings, tolerance, universal love and brotherhood, service to others. Eight can get pretty hooked on personal power and forget sometimes that we're ALL merely channels for the REAL power. Nine usually doesn't need reminding that we're personally powerless without the help of our Higher Power.

Nine is the number which connects us all to each other. Like a silver thread, Nine weaves us all together and makes us accountable for what happens to our brothers and sisters on this planet. Nine remembers that we have been taught if our brother or sister needs our shirt, we give them our coat as well. Nine takes us a step beyond the material plane or even the plane of thoughts and ideas. Nine gently guides us toward the realization that we are one not only with each other, but also with the Power which created us.

Nine is an ending number. Things change under the Nine. Things end under the Nine. And things are born anew on a higher level again in the One. Nine is the number of the mystic. It deals with transubstantiation (whew!). Put down your dictionary, I'll tell you what it means. Add 9 to ANY number. Go ahead. What have you got? Add those two numbers together. Go ahead. What have you got? Get it? There is a change in substance when the Nine enters the scene. You can add the qualities of the Nine to any of the numbers and they are totally changed in substance, yet totally unchanged in form. "Trans" means "across" or "beyond". The "substan" in that big fat word means the "substance". The rest just means the act or action. Nine involves us in "actions" which take us "across" and "beyond" the inner "substance" of what we were before, yet leave us gently unchanged. We are exactly what and who we were before Nine showed up, but on a new level of consciousness.

Nine can get a bit too hung up on sacrifice. Nine needs to learn that there is nothing spiritual about allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of and used. Helping others is a worthy goal, but Nine can slip into the role of victim a little too easily. Being a martyr is not what the Nine is all about. Saying "no" can, occasionally, be the most helpful thing one can do for those they Love most.

Nines teach us to love unconditionally and to let go the same way. Nines teach us that when all is said and done, the real source of our happiness and strength is the invisible Higher Power. Nine teaches us that we are all individual expressions of that Higher Powers.

Hmmm. Individual! Back to the One. Full Circle.

Those are some very basic meanings for the numbers. To find out which of these is strongest in your birth-pattern and most active in your life right now, get your numerology chart done. Or have a reading from a good Numerologist.

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