Yes, it's Juneau, Alaska. Thanks to the many people who
helped me track it down. The full story of the quest is below.

About fifteen years ago this photo was returned from a photolab along with the photos I had taken. I did not take this one, and it had been included by mistake. Since the negative for the photo had (probably) gone to the people who originally took the picture, and since the lab said that there was no way to track down the real owners, I kept it. I don't know why I am so fascinated with it. It's not particularly good but I guess it portrays a mood. I have always wondered where this photo was taken, and have never met anyone who could provide the slightest clue. I may never find out.

The photo was taken with a camera using 110 "pocket camera" film, Kodak's (and everyone else's, but in those days Kodak took the lead) mass market format at the time. It was likely a middle-low price type since the least expensive cameras would not have gotten this much detail under such poor light and a more expensive camera would probably be sharper.

That's it. No real importance beyond curiousity. The identified signs include "WEYENBERGS" (the white sign on the left), "COMMERCIAL" and "LIQUOR" (the yellow signs just below the WEYENBERGS sign), a "ONE WAY" sign at the street corner, and a "KOOKES" bumper sticker in the window of the VW van. At the base of the "WEYENBERG'S" sign it says "(something) & Oliver:" a good guess might be "BROWN & OLIVER." The building on the far left corner is, according to the sign over the sidewalk, a drug store (or next to a drug store). The name of the store hasn't been made out, but the word "DRUGS" can be seen running vertically.

None of the usual enhancement techniques have helped to make out any license plates, although the damage to the back of the station wagon can be clearly seen. Both streets, apparently, are one way.

Any ideas? Thanks.